"Keep working on a plan. Make no little plans. Make the biggest you can think of, and spend the rest of your life carrying it out." Harry S. Truman

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My first interview ever.

Well, I was just given my first interview ever. I mean, not an interview of someone else where I thought up the questions, no, no, an interview where little me actually answers the questions asked by the person doing the interview!

Annette Gulati is a writer - her stories are appearing in Highlights for Children, and just wait, because I can bet you that I'll soon have the opportunity of posting an interview of her in this blog, too - who left a comment on my blog, last year, and we then met each other in Uma's online class. She writes about the many tribulations of the The Writing Wild Life, in her blog, and you'll find the interview by clicking on this link :


Thanks so much, Annette. You just made me feel almost famous, for a few minutes. I think I could get used to this :))