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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Right Brain or Left Brain?

Check that link and see whether you are right brain or left brain.

I see her turning clockwise, which means that I tend to use the right part of my brain more.

uses feeling - no kidding
"big picture" oriented - mm, considering how long it's taken me to apply the big picture concept to critique stories, I wonder. That said, I do tend to look far and wide when approaching issues. I think.
imagination rules - but of course!
symbols and images - OK
present and future - no past? Now, this I'm not too sure about.
philosophy & religion - yep, as long as it is religion outside of any type of dogmas. I prefer the word spirituality.
can "get it" (i.e. meaning) - Yeah? OK, that's good I suppose
believes - as in gullible ?
appreciates - as in grateful, or as in appreciates beauty?
spatial perception - not sure about that one
knows object function - huh?
fantasy based - oh, definitely
presents possibilities - I, as a person, or I present possibilities to others?
impetuous - mm, yeah
risk taking - yeah, that too.

But I'm missing "words and language" from the left brain.

I tried focusing to make the dancer rotate the other way, but couldn't. Then, I stopped looking at the image for a few minutes, and when I looked again, she did turn counter-clockwise, but only for a couple of seconds, and then went back to going clockwise and that's how she's still going. I've tried doing something else and going back several times. Definitely clockwise. How about you? Let me know. I'm curious.


LindaBudz said...

Hey, we're practically sisters!

I've seen this one before ... I always see her going clockwise. I can make her go the other way by looking away and looking back, like you did, but the default for me is always clockwise.

Kinda surprising, cuz I always considered myself more left brained. Hmmm.

Katia said...

Hey Linda, that's nice. The sisterhood of world word lovers -mm, gotta work on that one, bit of a tongue twister :)
Maybe you thought you were more left brained because you're a virgo, too - so is my husband, that's why I remember. Practical to a fault, very detail oriented, and, dare I say, a tiny bit particular about things being and sitting where they are supposed to ? :)
That said, I don't know how trustworthy this is. Fun, though.

Rilla said...

hey there katia,
this is pretty cool. the funny thing is everytime i looked away and back at the dancer she turned the other way. equally clockwise and anticlockwise....what on earth does that mean about me? see....i always knew i was schizophrenic! both rilla and Rilla rule!

Katia said...

Nah, Rilla and rilla, don't you guys worry. It's normal. I've had several people tell me they see the figure going both ways. You're both probably more balanced - schizophrenia and all - than us who see her only going clockwise :)

Anonymous said...

This is wild.
For a flash, I saw her going counter clockwise. But then she switched direction, and I could only see her going clockwise. Every time after that, I only saw her going clockwise. Meanwhile, my husband watched and could only see her going counter clockwise. We watched at the same time and described her movements -- and saw the opposite thing!!

At the same time, my son Will watched and saw her going both ways, first clockwise, then counter clockwise. He definitely saw clockwise more often -- which didn't surprise me when I read the description.

The descriptions really peg us all.

LindaBudz said...

Katia, yes, I am the quintesssential virgo!