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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Giving A Book Away !

One of the perks of having an author stop at your blog while on tour - other than the great pleasure of interacting with a children's writer, which as far as I'm concerned is more than enough - is that you often get to give a book away to your readers.

So, OK, this blog's readership is still rather intimate - nothing wrong with family, right, especially when you get to choose all the members :) - but that's OK. I'll bet there are a few expats - or others - out there who'll jump at the opportunity of receiving a free signed copy of Piper Reed Navy Brat ! If you're one of them, just leave a comment between today and Thursday evening, when Kimberly Willis Holt's interview will appear on this blog, and I'll draw one lucky winner !


Annette Gulati said...

I can't wait. I love Kimberly's books. Just finished My Louisiana Sky.

Katia said...

Hello, Annette, you're on. Remember me? We "met" very briefly at one of Uma's workshop. I was not participating, but Uma invited me to spend a little while with you - my book had just been accepted for publication. Hope your writing is going strong. I'll be sure to stop at your blog :)

Danie said...

Hi Katia, it's nice to read another 'expat in India' blog. I'm looking forward to reading more when we get back to Chennai from home leave. Kind regards, Danie

Katia said...

Hello Danie, nice "meeting" you. Enjoy your homeleave !

Anonymous said...

I may be a day too late but here's my comment. SO nice to read about Kimberly Willis Holt. I can't wait to get a hold of one of her books. Great interview. So interesting to hear about writers with the tck experience. Thanks Katia.