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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where have I been?

I cannot believe it's been a month since my last post. The last weeks in India where totally crazy. I worked on my website, tried to prepare for our continent-hopping summer vacation and the fact that we'd be gone for two months, and the usual last days school activities, etc. When I left for France, I was tired, and stressed out about the fact that the website was not entirely done. It is now up and running, but still needs some fine-tuning. Still, if anyone would like to visit it and give me feed-back about it, please, don't hesitate.

On a much, much sadder note, my husband was supposed to join us in France, tomorrow, but he had to fly to Haiti as the cancer that his indomitable father had been mocking for the past ten years had finally caught up with him. My father-in-law waited for his son to arrive, and died a few hours later, peacefully, at the end of a life he lived with true joy and generosity. Hundreds of people from all classes and walks of life attended his funeral, many of them waiting on line for hours so they could pay him their last respects. Adieu, Papa AndrĂ©. Wherever you are, now, I know you're the life of the party.



Jo Ann von Haff said...

Aw... I am so sorry about your father-in-law, but it's a blessing your husband managed to say goodbye ! :-(

Katia said...

Yes, it is. Thank you, Jo Ann.

lindsey lane said...

Dearest Katia,

So sorry to hear about your papa-in-law. THese passings makes the life we get to lead so much sweeter.

THinking of you, dear one. And congraulations on your new website. What a woman you are to have got it done!!! Bravo.


Katia said...

Thank you, Lindsey. How are you? Are you in Vermont, yet? Enjoy it - I know you will :)

Annette Gulati said...

So sorry to hear of your loss, Katia. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Katia said...

thank you, Annette.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Katia

My heart goes out to you and Michel. I remember your father-in-law as a very sweet man and a fabulous dancer. He closed down the dance floor at dawn after your wedding! Great memories!

All our love
Erica and Paul

Janet Brown said...

Dear Katia--
How splendid that your father-in-law has left such a legacy of good memories behind him! What a brave man to fight cancer for so long.
Your website is glorious! Congratulations, along with my good wishes to all of you.
I am still not in possession of Amadi's Snowman, although I ordered it way back in June--very frustrating indeed!

Katia said...

Dear Erica and Paul,
Not only did he close down the dance floor at dawn, he also opened it with you, Erica, with the waltz, if you remember. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I know he's remembered that way by many, many people. I hope you and Paul are doing well.

Katia said...

Janet, hello. I'm sorry that the book hasn't arrived yet. It is very frustrating and rather odd, too. My brother received it in Spain a couple of weeks ago, and I have friends in Japan and even in Moldavia who've received it, too. You are only in Seattle! Hope it comes real soon.

Janet Brown said...

Me too!

Katia said...

Janet, I mentioned the issue to the publicist at Tilbury, who found it odd as well, and said she would pass the information to the person in charge of distribution. Hope it helps. :)