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Monday, December 15, 2008


Each day, I receive a word in my email box, thanks to A. Word. A. Day. and Anu Garg. Today, it was "Golconda", and of course, I was curious as to how (and why) the beautiful and ancient fort in Hyderabad had wound up there. As it turns out, the name for the fortress has also become a common noun meaning "a source of great wealth," after the "city once known for its diamond mines in the nearby hills."

This made me want to revisit old pictures of a sunrise adventure with my friend Rilla, two years ago, exactly. Rilla, this is for you. Glad you're having fun in Australia, but I wish you were here instead. You are one of the only persons in the world who could get me out of bed before 5 am :)


Nandini said...

lovely pictures, katia ... i was fascinated by the tales of the diamonds of Golconda, like the koh-i-noor, that's why i had to put one in a story :-)

Katia said...

Golconda is truly a fascinating place. You can breathe history as you walk around the ruins. And it's so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, Nandini.

rilla said...

Hey Katia,
Beautiful pics, wonderful memories!--except for the ginormous mosquitoes ;0 I'd do it again any day...but OZ is pretty special too. Why don't you come down under with me and we can march around some different ruins--no diamonds, but lovely opals.

Katia said...

Rilla I would love to explore Australia with you. Maybe some day. In the meantime, we returned to exactly the same spot yesterday afternoon, with the kids, who had an absolute ball. They have now stuck little pieces of wood into the baobab's bark to serve as climbing steps. Both kids and Michel went back up, and Kora and Michel went inside the tree. I didn't. too many people. :)