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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monsoon is here !

And what a relief. The air has changed color. It smells different, too. Moist and green, as opposed to dry, dusty, and grey brownish. And we can breathe again. It's still early, so the sun is out quite a bit, but the temperature has dropped significantly and I can use the fan in my office, and forget about A/C. Yeah !


Aasim said...

Well, the monsoon just started now! (truly) was thinking it wasn't gonna happen and now, all night long heavy rains and the flood in dealing with in my house! :( got a lotta cleaning to be done coz my dad is coming tomorrow morning!
bad timing huh?

Katia said...

I know. Strange, isn't it? It seemed to start, then stopped, then I was gone but heard that there had been practically no rains, and now, wow... All night, and it's still pouring. Good luck with the cleaning...