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Saturday, October 24, 2009

CROCUS Festival : Around the World in 7 Days

Yesterday, began a week-long festival at The Saffron Tree blog. CROCUS stands for a Celebration of Reading Other Culturally Unique Stories, and there will be reviews of books from all over the world, and interviews (among which one from yours truly).

The Saffron Tree participated in Amadi's Snowman's blog tour, last year, and I'm excited and honored that they decided to include us in their CROCUS festival.

Check their blog. They post reviews of very good, interesting, and culturally diverse books for children.

And while I'm shamelessly touting my own horn, I might as well mention that I gave another interview, but in French, a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I couldn't mention it here because of this little big problem with my Internet connexion. My Francophone friends and family members who grumble about having to read in English for my sake will be happy to be able to sail through that interview. Check out the blog of an incredibly productive, multilingual fellow writer, and crosscultural global nomad, Jo Ann von Haff, Ladybirdisms.


Rainna said...

I am an intern at Simon & Schuster in the children’s department, and I was hoping I could get your mailing address. We would love to be able to send books for possible reviews in your blogs and other promotional information. If you would like to specify what kinds of children's books you prefer, I will happily make a note of it for you. My email address is Rainna.Erikson@simonandschuster.com.
Sincerely, Rainna Erikson
Publicity Intern
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
(212) 698-1228

Katia said...

Rainna, thanks, I sent you an email.