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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Tuesday picture of Haiti : Jacmel's heritage.

Two weeks since the earthquake hit Haiti. The death toll has topped 150 000 in the Port au Prince area alone. I have not seen any numbers regarding smaller places like Leogane or Jacmel. I will continue to write a post about Haiti, or simply publish a picture, each Tuesday - a small gesture that symbolizes my hope that the world does not forget about the tragedy, there, as it often happens, once news starts getting a bit old.

This beautiful house stood just across the street from a similar (in style) that my sister in law rented in Old Jacmel (it is now a pile of rubble). It is a hotel (I wondered about using the past or the present tense, but having seen some pictures of old houses still standing, I'll stick to the present) with quaint rooms, and a decidedly Haitian flair. The perfect boutique hotel ; nothing luxurious, very simple, in fact, yet comfortable. Most of all, every inch of the place oozes charm and character, which is my chosen criteria when looking for a place to stay. I'd rather have character, history, and less comfort, than luxury in a place with no soul.

Everyone is talking about the reconstruction effort in Haïti. As the days turn into weeks, and hope to find more survivors dwindle and die, I have one wish. Please, please, try and rebuild Haiti with structures and houses that can resist earthquakes, of course, but while doing it, remember the country's beautiful architectural heritage and style.

The gorgeous iron-wrought stairs inside the hotel.

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