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Monday, April 5, 2010

Varanasi : Lassi, Chaat

As mentioned in the first post of this Varanasi series, one of the things that made this trip so different for me was that I didn't have to be as careful as I usually am when traveling with the children (and my extremely hygiene-conscious husband.) I won't say I didn't experience some trepidation as I sampled some of the Indian staples sold in the street, because I did. But oh well !

Our breakfast, each morning, was lassi, which is a yogurt based drink. One on the first day, two on the following, because it was so incredibly yummy. Eating it out of the little clay pots is not easy, but it's part of the fun.

Of course, I then realized that the clay pots cannot be recycled, which is why you see piles of broken earthware in so many places. Better than plastic, I suppose.

Another new experience was eating Chaat. I'd had some here in Hyderabad, before, but in a mall. Now, I realize that the dish on the picture may not look like much, but trust me : it was absolutely delicious, and for someone who's been living in Andhra Pradesh, known to have one of the hottest food in India, pleasantly mild !


Uma Krishnaswami said...

Katia this is mouthwatering stuff and takes me back to my youth in Delhi!
Thank you (I think) :-)

Nandini said...

Yum! Thank goodness our local Indian grocery store has a kitchen where I can order fresh authentic chaat; papri, dahi bhalle, aloo tikki, golguppas, pao bhaji, bhelpuri and other assorted goodies. I'm so looking forward to my India trip, Katia (less than 2 months to go!) The last time we were there, my husband actually bought the entire contents of a chaatwala's cart!!

Katia said...

Uma and Nandini, how I would love to go eat chaat and have some lassi with you, in some Indian street, one day. Wouldn't that be fun ?
Nandini, the anecdote about your husband buying the entire content of the Chaatwalah is just too funny !

Katia said...

Oops, I meant the entire content of the chaatwalah's cart, not HIS entire content, poor man :)

Uma Krishnaswami said...

It's a deal! Let's plan on a chaat--er, writing--marathon perhaps in Delhi someplace? Before too long.

Katia said...

You know, Uma, there is a cultural center somewhere in Delhi where you can stay for residency as an artist just to concentrate on your craft. It's a beautiful space, very quiet (haven't been, but checked their website, and even wrote to them once to find out more). Wouldn't that be awesome ? Nandini, you in ? :)

Uma Krishnaswami said...

Wow--will you find out more and let us know? Maybe by e-mail?

Katia said...

Yes, Uma, let me locate that information again. I'll email you.

Arti said...

Hi Katia,
wonderful post!
such lovely pics.. i had loved varanasi too!
The food was really amazing too.. still my mouth waters seeing all these yummy delights!!
even i had included a post on varanasi chaats...Please have a look sometime...

Flavors of Varanasi