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Friday, May 4, 2007

My editor, Audrey Maynard !

I finally worked out the courage to send this blog's link to my editor at Tilbury. I was worried about... agh, I'm always worried about something : that she might be annoyed about my resisting the name change, that she might discover that I'm French and Spanish and no longer want to work with me, that... I don't know what else I might have come up with. I'm very much like Woody Allen's characters that way : totally, neurotically anxious. Wish I were only half as funny. :)

Well, she LIKED it ! She did! She sent me a really nice note, and even shared some info about her. I'm so very lucky. I suppose it's only normal that the person who liked Ifeanyi's story enough to want to publish it, would share so many of my views, would even get invested in the type of project that I have so much respect for.

Check out what Audrey does when she's not selecting/editing/helping publish good books ( and, yes! that implies that my own book will be good, too)

There are so many wonderful people out there who strive to open the world for our children, to broaden their horizons, to make sure they see the whole picture and learn values like tolerance, the importance and richness of difference and diversity. Everyone can do it at their own level, using their own sets of skills. And what may feel like a drop in the ocean can then turn into streams, and rivers, and more. Am I getting carried away? It's the tide of optimism. May it stick around for a while. I like it when I'm up-beat. Up-beat is good.

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Rilla said...

I'm so glad you sent your blog to your editor. I would imagine it would be one of the FIRST places you would send it. That's half the point of it. Your paranoid fears pale in comparison to mine...Ha ha. I'm so glad you included a link to the interview with your editor, Audrey Maynard. I have included the link now on my blog page as well. It is very interesting. Thanks again for sharing this.