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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm in good company

I started reading David LaRochelle's Absolutely, Positively NOT. The main character's struggle is poignant, and yet, the way the author tells his story is hilarious. Anyway, Steven has a line I can't resist posting here:

"Mornings would be beautiful if they didn't happen so early in the day."

Ha ! Absolutely, positively true. I could never understand people who jump out of bed at sunrise and cheerfully go about their activities. My father in law is like that. Up at 5 am, and whistling all over the house. Wait a minute : my own mother is like that. What is it with these people? Getting out of bed before 8.30, 9 am is torture, and when forced upon people, should be declared a punishable crime.

I say.


Rilla said...

Mmm...I enjoyed that book too, but don't remember the morning line. Maybe that's because I like mornings. Not in the way of your Mom or Dad IL. I'm not a whistler. More of a get up and put on the coffee pot and run through a few sudokus and then when I'm actually awake an hour or so later, time to get to work. But if I didn't have that early morning time to wake up, I'd probably be sleepy the rest of the day. So, you see, there is an in-between type too.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Rilla said...

Sorry love,
just got back from Jacket Flap and had to put this quote down for you:

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you”

Rumi (1207-1272 CE)