"Keep working on a plan. Make no little plans. Make the biggest you can think of, and spend the rest of your life carrying it out." Harry S. Truman

Friday, June 8, 2007

Full time mother

Monsoon is here, in Hyderabad, and what a relief that is ! Temperatures have dropped, humidity is up, and last evening, I was walking around the house feeling the cool floor under my feet - it gets so hot in this part of the world during their summer that even the door handles become warm - breathing in the fresh air and feeling blissfully comfortable for the first time in months.

Now, where have I been, and doing what ? First, I got really ill. Some virus that gave me the most horrible nausea and made me so weak I could barely stand for more than a few minutes at a time. Not pleasant. And while this was happening, my nanny decided she didn't feel like working anymore. So, I'm now a full time mother, and even though it makes me realize how stressful my usual life is in comparison, I'd still rather go back to my hectic schedule. I don't like the feeling I have that I'm not being productive at all. And I'm not the type of person who can just sit at the computer and say, ok, I have 30 mns and I'm going to use each and everyone of them to write. I need to know I have several hours ahead of me. I need to ease into the mood. And once I'm in it, just leave me alone and don't you dare interrupting me, whoever you are. Go explain that to a not quite 3- year-old or her not quite 7-year-old sister ! Also, my computer turned out to be riddled with viruses in spite of good old Norton, and so I had to reinitialize the whole thing and then wait for the service provider guy to be willing to show up and set up my Internet connection again. In the meantime, I was using my husband's laptop with a wireless card and it was so slow, not to mention the connection being constantly cut, that I couldn't use it for anything other than writing a few emails.

So, what else is new ? And how come I'm able to find the time to write a blog, today ? Well, I'm doing what I swore I would NEVER EVER EVER in my lifetime be caught doing : I'm using the TV as a baby sitter. Tttt. Bad mom. But I'm not going to apologize. Tough times call for tough measures, so there.

The only good news. I woke up this morning with an idea for a Picture Book. I was still in that hazy land between sleep and full alertness - well, yes, I do reach the state of alertness at some stage during the morning - and these words floated in my mind, and I saw a very vivid picture, and then another. I kept mentally repeating the words, so they would not disappear into the realm of my subconscious. It's happened so many times. I often dream that I'm writing the perfect book. I mean, in my sleep, the plot is just outstandingly brilliant, the writing flows, and it's pure bliss. And then, I wake up, and I've forgotten everything, or, just as bad, what I remember makes no sense whatsoever. Don't you hate that? But not this time. I've written the idea down. Let's see if it evolves into something.

Well, this is a catch-up blog. Feels like a journal entry, but I need to get back into the flow. I'm off to work on my writing, now. I have about half an hour, maybe less, before Barney's DVD ends and the little one comes down the stairs demanding some attention. Let's see if I can use my new situation to try and reverse what I mention above about not being able to work within a short time frame. Life is about learning lessons, evolving, becoming better, etc, etc, right ? Like good wine. Let's see what I manage to do with my vintage.


Rilla said...

Katia, first let me say how good it is to have you back to your healthy ranting self. Less interesting than the things you say when you're deliriously ill, ha ha, but more inspiring ;)
Yeah, haven't we all had those perfect dreams, the whole story unfolds, you know it is going to be your next masterpiece, and then you wake up and find that's exactly what it is -- a dream. So I'm delighted that this one stayed with you till you actually got through the waking up process and it was a dream come true. Good luck writing it down and sending it out. And hope you're going out later today to buy many, many more Barney DVD's!

Katia Novet Saint-Lot said...

Rilla, the problem with being delirious is that you don't remember what you say. You'll have to write it all down, next time :)

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