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Friday, June 22, 2007

MeMe : 8 facts/habits about...

Well, what do you know, I've been tagged by none other than Jay, from the Disco Mermaids (I asked for it, but still, isn't it totally cool?) So, here is the rule of the thing called MeMe ( and it is definitely not a grandma:)

By now, you’ve probably seen (if not answered) the 8 facts/habits MeMe that’s been going around: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Here we go:

1: The first time my mother left me alone in our apartment to quickly run an errand, she sternly commanded that I do not open the door to anyone. She was secure in the fact that very rarely did people ring the door at that hour. As irony would have it, the postman came ringing. I knew better than to open the door, but curiosity had me drag an armchair across the floor so I could look at the peep hole and see who it was. Of course, the post man heard the racket. "Is anyone there?" he asked. And yours truly to reply in a very convinced tone of voice: "No, there is nobody."

2: My father used to play a game with me. He'd send me to the next room to see if he was there. I always went, because, even though I could see he was here, well, you never know, do you?

3: I believed in Santa Claus until I was 9 years old. My friends at school would tell me; my 6-year-old sister! would tell me; but I was adamant that they were thoroughly mistaken and they would pay the price one way or another. In the end, my father decided to address this worrying issue himself and he took me to my piano class, walking - one hour each way. He figured he'd need that much time, and he was right. I argued the whole way there, and then, the whole way back, about how and why I knew without possible error that Santa Claus does indeed exist. And then, I cried and cried and was very upset at the whole world.

4: I have seen the tooth fairy, except that it was The Little Mouse, as we call her in France ( one of the reasons my father had such a hard time convincing me that Santa doesn't exist, by the way. I knew better, you see.) Anyway, The Little Mouse lifted the rolling shutter of the hotel room we were staying in, in the south of Spain (she was very strong and fit) and she scurried next to my pillow, and I SAW her! I can still see her in fact.

5: I'm very stubborn. Proof? I once got lost in the dark at the foot of the volcano Mount Bromo in Java, with only a tiny useless flashlight. We were supposed to walk there and climb to the top of the volcano to watch the sunrise, but it was pouring, and the tour guide had everyone climb into a jeep instead. Only, I wouldn't hear of it, because I had payed for a walking tour (Mm, I like to believe that I have matured a bit since then, even though I was already 29 years old at the time. Thing is, I had a weight problem and I figured that particular walk would make me shed 10 pounds all at once. Yeah, I know...) So, the guide just drove away with the other tourists gaping at me, and I found myself alone in the dark and the rain. Another jeep rescued me, later on, after I'd waddled in the mud, and even though I did get to the top of Mount Bromo, breathed the sulfuric vapors, and enjoyed the view, I missed the sunrise. That's what you get for being so hardheaded.

6: When I gave birth (naturally and very noisily as well, Robin) my husband had the order to get me a steak, medium RARE if you please. He had to argue with the birthing center chef because their policy did not allow them to serve meat that was not thoroughly cooked - I call it carbonated, myself ! But my husband can be very persuasive, and I did get my rare meat, in the end.

7 : I was held at gunpoint twice in a week, in Haiti. First time, in a dark alley, as I walked back to the guest house I was staying at. Second time, I was sleeping peacefully in my bed, minding my own dreams, and this guy wearing a bandanna on his face shines a flashlight in my face. That woke me up, all right, and I remembered with horror that I had no UNDERWEAR on beneath the flimsy sheet ! Only a top. It's true, I swear. Now, don't let that influence your opinion of Haiti, OK? I ended up marrying a Haitian man - no, not that one ! ttt - and I love Haiti.

Jay, thanks for tagging me. That was really fun. I feel like I flexed my writing muscles. Only now, there are only 10 mns left before I have to go fetch my daughter at her play group. :)

Oups, no, I have to tag EIGHT people !! Not sure I know that many bloggers. I'm just a debutante, you see. OK, Rilla, you are tagged, again. Natasha, you are it, too. And Janee, want to try?Agh, just checked your blog and you've already been it ! Ok, I'll keep on looking. Have to go, now.

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Rilla said...

Well, you've been a busy little bee haven't you? My favorite story has to be the volcano one. I can just see you with that ridiculous flashlight in the pouring rain...mmm...I sure worry about Kora...genes an' all. well, I guess I have been tagged...I'm it, so got to get my thinking cap on...again!