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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My writing space

I've been tagged by Annette Gulati from The Writing Wild Life to post pictures of my writing space.

I'm lucky to have a room of my own, even if I'm constantly grumbling about the fact that I can never keep my desk uncluttered (picture here was taken on a clear segment of a day). No sooner do I tidy up all the mess than a child comes and dumps drawings, hair bands, reading books from school, school newsletter, toys, Lego blocks, dolls and what not. And when it's not the kids, it's my husband with business cards, files, bank statements, etc.

There usually is a big plastic crate full of picture books sitting on the floor next to the overflowing bookshelves, but for some reason, it's not on these pictures.
Here is a view from the other side, with my daughters' artistic works hanging on the wall and the big ball that I use as a seat (bad back).

I used to have a lovely view over the massive rock formations of Hyderabad, but the empty plot in front of my office windows is no longer empty : they built the ugliest three-story building, with walls practically touching the neighbors houses on both side. Look at the construction site on the other side of the French doors, in picture below.
See what I mean?

Still, I do have a little green outside my window, and I even occasionally spot a monkey that likes to walk along the white fence. I've wanted to snap a picture for the longest times, but that chap is always too fast for me, and soon disappears into the trees that surround the house.

Anyone reading this and wishing to participate, consider yourself tagged to post one or more pictures of your writing space.


Karen said...

Hi Katia,

Paula invited me on so I'm noodling aroung trying to figure things out. I love the idea of a monkey scampering along the fence. How exotic! And all those bookshelves right there - lovely writing space! :) (And of course, the kid's artwork - I sit surrounded by my daughter's as we ...er...ah.. speak)


Annette Gulati said...

Great space, Katia. I'm envious of the monkey. I only see squirrels, birds and the occasional neighborhood cat.

Katia said...

The first time I saw the monkey - I really think it's always the same one, but I could be wrong :) - I just froze, with my mouth open, and then ran to the window, but he was gone already. Annette, we even had a panther, once, in our neighborhood, escaped from a movie set - I live smack in the middle of Tollywood - Hollywood for the Telugu people :) I didn't see the panther, myself, but it caused quite a stir in the whole neighborhood, as you may imagine. The poor thing ended up hiding behind a washing machine and they shot something at it to put it to sleep, so they could return it to wherever it is that it belonged.

Jo Ann von Haff said...

Lovely Katia !
I used to have a room too, but it was when I was living alone ;-)
Such a clear space !! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, light space! I love the bookshelves and the kid's pictures. And the big desk space. It's nice to picture there, being elegant and creative at once....

Katia said...

Thank you, Jo Ann. I visited your blog and wanted to leave a comment but I was asked to give my email, and I'm not comfortable with that. Just had to reformat whole computer because of virus, in spite of anti-virus. Is that for you only?

Sue, you're too funny. I look anything but elegant at my desk. I try to balance myself on that ball, wear the most comfortable clothes possible, and I frown an awful lot :)

Katia said...

Not to mention that I'm often in my pajamas, like right this minute :))

Anonymous said...

Ha! I kind of like that image better anyway -- frowning, wobbling on a big ball, wearing pajamas. Now that's the stuff of a children's writer.

Jo Ann von Haff said...

Hey Katia !

Yes, the e-mail is only for my eyes to see ! :-D