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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Holi !

Holi, the festival of colors, marks the end of winter, and is celebrated by throwing colored water and powders at everyone. This year, it was on Monday March 1, and as I type these words, I look at my still very purple fingers, and remember the jolly good time we had.

Here is how to celebrate Holi in 3 easy steps...

1/ To begin, search the town for natural colored powders (an organic store is a good bet.) They come in five colors only : red, blue, green, orange and yellow, while the synthetic ones come in bright pink, purple, etc, and are sold everywhere in the streets. But careful, as some can be toxic.

(I bought a few extra boxes for next year, in case we end up in a place where they don't know about Holi...)

2/ Before you leave home, do cover yourself in oil. Do not forget your hair!

3/ Finally, get several buckets, and fill them with water. If you really mean business, purchase a few water guns (some of those actually looked like really mean war machines, only in plastic.)

Ready ?

Here we go... And whenever you drench someone in water or throw colored powder at them, don't forget to scream HAPPY HOLI !

P.S: Afterwards, spend two hours in the shower scrubbing, scrubbing, and scrubbing until your skin is raw, and watch all the colors rushing down the drain... Discard ruined clothes. Spend a week walking around with green and pink streaks in your hair and exchange knowing smiles with people whose whole neck or side of the face is still bright pink... Who cares? It was FUN !


valerie said...

"The jolly good time"? You mean "we had such a blast!"? It sounds like you live in a former British colony!
I wish I was there with the kids!

Katia said...

Former colonial power or not, it remains that "jolly good time" sounds much nicer than "we had such a blast." I think so, at least :) And yes, you would have loved it. All of you...

valerie said...

you snob.

Katia said...

Yeah ! :)