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Friday, May 23, 2008

The gems one comes across in Hyderabad bookstores !

A while back, I wrote a post about the bookstore experience in Hyderabad.

Today, I had one hour to kill between two appointments, and, of course, I hit the nearest bookstore. I went there with no particular need or want. Just happy to browse. And it strikes me that this is probably the best way to approach life in India. Have no expectation. Go with the flow. And it is most likely that surprises will await you around some corner.

So, what did I find ?

I Heart You, You Haunt me, by Lisa Schroeder.

I was totally flabbergasted. There was only one copy, and of course, it was seating on a shelf with no obvious order or reason that I could figure out, but boy, that made my day! Lisa and I belonged to the same critique group, a while back, and her novel was on the list of books I meant to acquire while in the US this coming summer. I no longer have to wait to read it.

I got scolded for taking this picture, by the way ! Go figure :)

Second surprise : I've been looking for Barack Obama's "Dreams from my Father" for a while. I actually asked my husband to try and get it for me in one of the usually well-stocked bookstores of Khan Market, in Delhi. No chance. Well, I didn't need to go that far. Not only did I find it, but the book was even in the biography section ! I didn't take a picture, but I have it, it's right here on my desk. Yippee !

In the end, I left the bookstores with ten books ! All is well in the world, AND in India :)


Lisa Schroeder said...

Sorry you got in trouble for taking a picture. Someone else was taking a picture of a book in B&N a few months ago and she also got scolded. I don't get it?

Anyway - wow, my book is in India!! That is so cool. Thanks for sharing, Katia!

Katia said...

Don't worry, Lisa, it wasn't big trouble, and anyway, as soon as I saw the book, I knew I had to take a picture. I'm so pleased.

Linda Austin said...

I heard that about B&N also... what are they so afraid of?!

Katia said...

Hi again, Linda :) Indeed, what are they afraid of? That someone will copy the way they shelve their books??? Oh well!