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Thursday, May 22, 2008

He's on top of it, and so am I... not ??

I found this You Tube video on Through The Tollbooth and I just had to post it here, because this sounds and feels soooo familiar, at the moment. I've had Steve Weber's Plug Your Book on my desk for months, I've even read parts of it, and underlined or highlighted entire sections. I went ahead, opened accounts on Facebook and MySpace, even managed to build a nice looking page on MySpace, but that's about it. I've been saying for months that I'm going to build a website, and, well, I have not. And all these widgets, avatars, and what not. I mean, how much time does a writer have to spend on that stuff? But then, when does said writer have any time left to actually write ??? Of course, this is an old dilemma, I'm sure. It just happens to be new to me :) Anyway, since I've been reviewing a few books, lately, and I was mentioning The Shrinking Violet Promotions blog the other day, this little video is totally "dans l'air du temps" - read timely.


Jo Ann von Haff said...

Ha ! And I am updating my own site in this exact moment :-) Coïncidence ? :-)

Katia said...

Is there such a thing as "coïncidence?"