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Friday, May 9, 2008

"Get off the bus!"

Two evenings ago, my husband brought me an envelope sent through the UN pouch, and I discovered an advance copy of Kimberly Willis Holt's last novel, to be published in August. I mentioned it before on this blog : Piper Reed, The Great Gypsy.

This is the second book in the series, and Kimberly signed it for me and my "Gypsies." I was totally thrilled and touched. What a lovely surprise ! I started reading it to my almost 8-year-old daughter, last night, and then finished reading it on my own.

Piper has a great voice, a really fun personality, and this totally childlike way of bringing everything back to her. Kimberly also has a great way of describing family dynamics, especially between siblings, and the dialogs are funny and very lively. It's the kind of book that one reads fast. Then, when it's over, you sigh happily and close the back cover with a smile on your face.

As an expat often on the move, I also empathized with Piper wondering "where is home?" And I loved her answer at the end of the book : " .... I decided I'd changed my mind about home. Home was not Pensacola, San Diego, Guam, or any of the other places we might have lived. In fact, home wasn't a particular place at all. Home was my family. Even if they didn't get my jokes sometimes."

As for those who don't know Piper well, yet, "Get Off the Bus" is her favorite expression and usually means that she's excited, happy or generally bowled over.

Thank you so much, Kimberly.


Janet Brown said...

"Where is home?" That is one of life's great questions, isn't it?
I'll look for this book--thanks, Katia!

Katia said...

Hello Janet,
Yes, for some people, it is, indeed, one of life's great questions. And a double-edged sword, too. I love the freedom that comes with being able to wonder about the answer. Today, here, tomorrow elsewhere. But it also comes with a certain degree of anxiety, doesn't it? Do I belong anywhere? Will I ever arrive somewhere and feel totally content? Will I ever stop turning my eyes toward some new horizon, wondering how it might be?