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Sunday, October 28, 2007

And here It is...

"A tear on the face of eternity", said the poet Tagore.

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Of course, it's just another picture of the Taj Mahal, but that one was taken by good old me, so that makes it quite special, right?

The Taj Mahal is as magically beautiful as I hoped it would be. And the rest of the trip - Fatehpur Sikri, Barathpur and Jaipur - was great also. The north of India is very different from the South, where we live.

I really like that picture for some reason. The lady is holding her baby on her lap, the way Indian mothers and Indian ayahs - nannies - do it. Legs crossed, the child nested safely in the middle of that warm, perfect cradle. They feed them that way, they put them to sleep that way, slowly shaking one leg. I'd never seen that anywhere before, but I'm so used to it, now, that it feels totally obvious and natural - as long as you can sit like that for more than a few minutes, which of course I cannot.

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