"Keep working on a plan. Make no little plans. Make the biggest you can think of, and spend the rest of your life carrying it out." Harry S. Truman

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My first video : it could only be someone singing !

I found this on Mary Hershey's blog and after watching it three times, I decided I needed it right here, on my blog. First, because I've never posted a video, so I had to at least try - I can't believe I found the way to copy the link and I'm still not entirely sure it will actually appear on the blog. But most of all because this little film is immensely inspiring, it makes your eyes all misty, your heart goes boom-boom-boom, and it's about a guy singing opera. Now, if there is something in life that I love as much as reading, writing and books, it's opera. I just had to have that video handy and ready.

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