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Friday, January 11, 2008

Continuing with Rajasthan : Deogarh

Deogarh is a charming little town set in the hills, north of Udaipur, and we spent New Year's Eve there - or what was left of it, as we only got there after 9.30 PM, after a car journey that lasted
two hours more than expected. Here is the beautiful Deogarh Mahal all decked out for the new year's festivities. The party happened on the courtyard on he first floor, with much dancing on the tunes of the last Bollywood movies - and a good thing, too, because it was freezing cold.

This is the entrance gate, with its wall mural.

The following morning, we walked around the village, drawing lots of attention from everyone. I'm used to it, and tend to oscillate between feeling amused and ignoring it - pretty much like all the people who see us walking around, I suppose. We are, after all, as curious about them as they are about us. Still, with the children, it's a little harder, in part due to the Indian habit of pinching children's cheeks. Our kids hate that, and it's not always easy to explain that we/they don't want people putting their hands on their faces AND pinching them. Although our little one has become quite good at clamoring her discontent or dodging any approaching hand. Still, people are usually welcoming, and most of them love having their pictures taken - children actually ask for it, and are then delighted to be able to see themselves on the little screen. That's the marvel of digital cameras. We took dozens of photographs, of course. Here is one of a lady decorating clay pots.

Elderly gentlemen conversing in the sun.

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A man frying some of those delicious - and, oh, so fattening! - Indian sweets.
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And finally, a smiling lady showing off her little goat.

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Tomorrow, we continue with yet another amazing fort, Kumbhalgarh, and Udaipur.


Danie said...

Terrific photos!

Jo Ann v. said...

Heppy new year and thank you for the travelling ! :-)

Katia said...

Thanks, Danie. Hope you enjoyed your homeleave.