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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hello everyone,

It's me, Amadi, and I'm in charge of announcing the program for today. 

Both Mama Katia and Mama Dimitrea stop at Bees Knees Reads for an interview with children's book illustrator and world traveler Kim Baise.  Also, don't miss her review of Amadi's Snowman in an earlier post.

Each week, I will ask three trivia questions about one of the countries participating in our blog tour, and I'm happy and proud to begin with Nigeria. At the end of the month, we'll draw a winner among the participants who gave the right responses, each week, and they'll win a prize. 

1. Find the name of the Nigerian Author, born in an Igbo village, like me, who wrote the novel "Things Fall Apart" (most widely read book in modern African literature.)

2. A question about climate : what is the name of the wind that blows south from the Sahara during the dry season?

3. What are Nigeria's direct neighboring countries?

Send your responses at katianovet@gmail.com. We'll give you the answers next week.


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And now, guess where we're going tomorrow? Did you guess? Yes, Nigeria! We'll visit the library at the Nsukka Children's Center during story hour. We have great photos, and I just can't wait. See you all tomorrow...


rilla said...

Hey Amadi,
So good to see you traveling the world and talking about your home. I look forward to your photos and your entire tour.
See you tomorrow ;)

Katia said...

Thank you, Auntie Rilla. Hope you visit often during the tour. I know you're really busy with Nanowrimo. Good luck,
Amadi (Mama Katia says thank you and good luck, too, even though she's going to need her own dose of luck if she is to manage everything she has going on, this month. Good thing I'm here to help her.)

Kim Baise said...

Hello Mama Katia!
Thank you for the wonderful interview with you and Mama D. We will have fun following you on Amadi's global tour.

Katia said...

Thanks, Kim. It was fun answering your questions. Thanks again for your participation.

Kabiliana said...

Hello Katia Jambo Amadi,
here our answers:
1. Chinua Achebe
2.El - GHibli
3. Benin (west) Ciad and Camerun (east), Niger (north), on the south there is the Guinea gulf.

Florin Mwanaiki Aisha Mwanaanna Shali Mwanalulu (Lerici-Italy)

p.s.Jambo in kiswahili means Hello - Kwaheri means bye bye

Katia said...

Jambo Florin, Aisha and Shali, and thank you so much for participating.