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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Kedu everyone, this is Amadi.  Today, I'm very happy to share more of the beautiful children's drawings inspired by Amadi's Snowman during this happening month of November. This is different from what Mama Katia announced yesterday, but she received an email from Nigeria, where our friends are still working on a project for us. Internet has been really bad, over there, but they hope to be able to send material today. So, we will begin the two-day feature on sustainable libraries tomorrow, and the artwork gallery planned for Friday happens today. 
Look and enjoy...

Florin : "Mom... see the snow!"

Aisha : "I dream of reading."

Shali : "Amadi thinks about books."

"Hey, Amadi, come back!"
"I am not going to come back!!!"

"Amadi in the market"
by Karthika
(see the small boy sitting on a low stool and reading a book with a snowman on the cover?)

Amadi looks at the Snowman
by Samyukta

"Amadi in the market" 
by Manasa

"Aunt giving Amadi a mango"
by Sania

"Amadi went to the market place"
by Suha

Drawing by Manasi

"The Book shop." 
by Sai Priya
(Don't you love the decidedly bookish look of the book shop keeper?)

Amadi and Chima
by Sathvik

"The Book Chima reads"
by Arti

"The place where Amadi sees the other boys"
by Modhav

Drawing by Raunak

"This is Miss Chikodili looking at the book and Amadi in the background" by Reagan

"When Amadi was on the street"
by Rizwan

"Back home"
by S. Lalitaditya

Mama Katia and I thank all the children for their beautiful drawings. 


I continue my travels around the world, and around my country, too. Here I am with Patience and Naija during a visit at the library, in Yola, Northeastern Nigeria.

Thank you, Patience and Naija!


We chose a funny quote, today, because funny is always good, and also because it is so visual, and that goes well with the content of today's post.

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark too read." 
Groucho Marx


Tomorrow, we will share an essay from author and literacy advocate Jane Kurtz about sustainable libraries, and if the Internet connections in Nigeria collaborate, we will then take you to Yola, in Northeastern Nigeria and show you a beautiful movie clip. Here is a picture, as a preview...

See you then...


miou said...

Génial ! Amadi , dis à Mama Katia qu'il faut qu'elle fasse maintenant un livre de ton tour !
Je vous embrasse tous les deux
Une fan de France

Katia said...

Tu lis dans mes pensées, toi, comme d'habitude :)
Merci de nous rendre une petite visite. A bientôt par téléphone. La semaine prochaine...